Pharmacies in Guilderland, NY

Living at The Hawthorne Gardens provides you with many of the amenities that get you through daily life right at the complex. However, somethings such as medicine must be obtained off the property of The Hawthorn Gardens Apartments. Below you will find a list of the most common pharmacies in close proximity to the apartment property.

CVS Pharmacy

1) CVS Pharmacy

2040 Western Avenue, Route 155, Guilderland, NY, 12203 See on Google Maps

(518) 869-0249
Open: 8AM - 8PM

CVS Pharmacy Website

Rite Aid

2) Rite Aid Pharmacy

2025 Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203 See on Google Maps

(518) 456-5112
Open: 8AM - 9PM

Rite Aid Website


3) Walgreens

2061 Western Ave., Guilderland, NY 12084 See on Google Map

(518) 869-1520
Open: 8AM - 10PM

Walgreens Website

Price Chopper Pharmacy

4) Poiema Salon and Spa

1706 Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203 See on Google Map

(518) 456-0724
Open: 9AM - 9PM

Price Chopper Pharmacy Website
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