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Using Soothing Sounds to Make Home Feel Like Your Sanctuary

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Creating a soothing atmosphere that appeals to all the senses is an important part of home decorating. Why? Listening to the sounds of nature on a daily basis creates an environment of relaxation and can promote well-being. Bringing the sounds of nature into your apartment at Hawthorne Gardens can make it feel like paradise, and not just a place to rest your head. Plus, with the northeast winter coming, having soothing sounds in your apartment can make your home feel like an escape from the cold and can get you through the dark, dreary days that Capital Region winters are known for.

Water Fountains in the Home

Water fountains are one of the easiest ways to bring the sounds of nature into your living space. You can buy a small water feature to place on a coffee table or end table. No matter where you choose to place it, you might grow to love the sound as its natural appeal to the senses will help you unwind after a long day.

Go Electronic: Sound Machines & Nature

There are various sound machines with many recorded and looped nature sounds. They are generally easy to find (from big box store to discount stores), and come with a range of nature sounds that are sure to calm the senses. These are a great item to use when you are trying to sleep, or if you just enjoy the natural sounds of being outdoors.

Traditional Electronics: CDs and DVDs

You can purchase nature sound CDs to listen to, and DVDs that present beautiful photos of nature while playing calming, connected music. Try to choose a DVD that contains photos that also transport you to the beauty of the outdoors — especially of those scenes that appeal to you most. There are many that even have video footage of waterfalls, fields and forests to help you relax, but the beauty of a CD is that you can take it in your car and/or on your iPod.

The Future is Here: Internet & Apps

There are now endless nature sounds to be found online, on websites such as YouTube, and in Apps that you can get for iPhone (and iPad) and Andriod. And if you search the right way, you’ll find many of the audio files are free. Again, the beauty of downloading audio or by getting an app that works for you — you can take these sounds on the road, to work, or put your headphones on while exercising and keep the winter blues away!

Not All Winter Days Are Frigid: Open Your Window

Nature at its best. But even in a suburb or city, simply hearing the hustle and bustle of the natural world can be very calming as it re-connects you to the world outside and helps keep you from feeling cooped up.

A happy home invokes all the senses and brings you relaxation. Using nature sounds to make your time at home more enjoyable this winter is one way to keep spirits up, keep you happy and healthy, and it’s a nice change from the silence that a heavy snow can blanket across the region.

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