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Tips on Improving your Apartment

Nancy Smith - Monday, July 20, 2015

With the beautiful weather we have been enjoying lately it makes me think of ways on how to liven up apartment space with brighter, bolder options. However, sometimes accomplishing that is easier said than done. With this topic in mind, below are some great options we have come across that may help you in your journey to improving your living space.

1. Colorful Scalloped Wall Art -  I don't know about you but we LOVE a pop of color in an ordinary room. A great idea on how to incorporate more color into your space is by creating a beautiful scalloped wall art piece. Here is a fantastic link on how to create this wall art 

2. Paint Cards -  I don't think I could have ever imagined the paint cards you get from Hardware stores being turned into an amazing wall installation. Believe it or not it can look like a piece from an art gallery when you are all finished. Below is a great  example of what the paint cards can do to brighten up a room!

wall decoration made from color swatches

3. Tissue Paper Flower -  This is a fun way to add a little or a lot of color to any room within your apartment. The following link has a great step by step process of how to create tissue paper flowers -

No matter what route you choose to go, any small change can make a huge impact on brightening up your space!

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