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Tips for Organizing and Packing for a Move

Sacha R - Monday, June 03, 2019

tips for packing for a new apartment

Let’s face it, as exciting as moving to a new home is, it’s also incredibly stressful. Planning and organizing a move on top of working, taking care of children, or possibly trying to find a job in your new city, is a lot to handle at once. With enough time and a little planning, you can make packing up your belongings much easier!

What Size Move do you Have?

If you’re moving from your parents’ home or into your own place after living with roommates, you most likely have a small move. If you don’t have any large appliances or more than one closet, you can pack with 8 boxes. Two closets full of clothes and couple of appliances will require around 18 large boxes. A large move requires around 25 boxes and consists of many electronics and appliances, clothes, shoes, and books. Try decluttering some of your stuff to make your move easier.

Time to Organize

Once you’ve figured out what size move you have, it’s time to get organized. Label the boxes on all 4 sides and the top with that’s inside. This way no matter how you grab a box when unpacking, you know where it goes. You should also label any boxes that contain fragile items, so you handle them with care.

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes so you can still carry them. Just because 50 pounds of books can fit in one box, doesn’t mean they should. Save the bigger boxes for lighter items like blankets, pillows, and small decorations.

Plan a Packing Order

Start packing up items in your living room or spare bedroom first. These rooms likely contain items you don’t need on a daily basis, making them safe to start packing a month in advance. If you still don’t know where to begin, pack up any decorations or trinkets first. A bare apartment will be boring for a month or so, but decorations aren’t necessary in our daily routines.

Next you can pack away any extra items you have. This includes extra blankets, sheets, towels, toiletries, makeup, and cooking utensils. Once you’re about two weeks out from your move you should start packing away anything that isn’t absolutely necessary on a daily basis.

The last thing you’ll want to pack up are your clothes. Take this as an opportunity to sort through your closet and dresser and donate or throw out anything you don’t wear anymore. Sorting through your wardrobe will making moving that much easier.

When you’re packing you’ll definitely find thing that you forgot you even owned. Chances are you’ll also find some items you thought were gone forever! Decide if these items are worth coming along to your new home and donate them if they’re not.

A word of advice: don’t get caught walking down memory lane. Looking through your old camp photos and home movies can wait until you’re settled in your new place. Still in search of an apartment? Call us today to schedule your tour!

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