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Prepping Your Apartment for Summer: Change Your Décor!

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

bright yellow and multi-color striped pillows

Summer is right around the corner! Have you started getting your Hawthorne Gardens apartment ready, yet? Prepping your apartment for summer is easy. Bright, fun décor not only screams “summer,” but it is a mood lifter as well! Get yourself and your guests into the summer spirit by adding some color and changing it up for the new season.

Here are some simple tips for getting started:

  1. Florals: Floral patterns as well as real flowers will add that cheery feeling to your apartment. Try adding some floral curtains, or put a nice bouquet in the center of your dining room table!
  2. Pop of Color: Add pops of color by replacing your throw pillows or even your living room throw rug for the season.
  3. Bedding: Now that it’s much warmer out, it’s time to change your bedding. Opt for a light weight comforter in a bright color or pattern. This will be a great addition to your space for the summer months.

Start adding hints of summer to your apartment now, and you’ll be ready for summer when it’s here!

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