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Keep Your Head above Water with These Pool Safety Tips

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, August 02, 2016
mother swimming with son teaching him pool safety

We love seeing our tenants enjoy the pool at Hawthorne Gardens! There’s only one thing that makes us even happier – seeing everyone stay safe while they’re in there.

These pool safety tips are always good to have in mind:

  • Supervise Inexperienced Swimmers – Whether it’s a small child or an adult, inexperienced swimmers should never be left unattended in any body of water, including a pool. While adults can probably have a little bit more room, children who don’t know how to swim should never be more than an arm’s length away from an experienced adult.
  • Floatation Devices Should Not Be Relied On – Many children use floaties in the pool, which may be a comfort to them. However, floaties are not reliable enough to replace the supervision of an adult, which is why even if a child has some kind of floatation device (even a Coast Guard-approved life jacket), they should not be left unattended.
  • Make Sure There’s a Phone Nearby – When a pool is in use, a phone should be kept nearby in case of emergencies. An inexperienced swimmer can slip underwater in a matter of seconds, and having a telephone within reach at the pool area can ensure that they get help as quick as possible if necessary.
  • Learn CPR – It never hurts to be prepared to handle an accident in case one should happen. A CPR course can give you the skills you need to save someone’s life in the case of an emergency.

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