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Home Décor on a Budget? Yes, it’s Possible!

Nancy Smith - Friday, September 25, 2015

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Decorating your apartment at Hawthorne Gardens doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With some imagination and a little money, your home can look amazing!

Here are some suggestions to inspire you:

Use What You Have: Repurposing

Looking at the same old stuff every day can get dull. But all you really need for a fresh design plan is a new perspective on your current furnishings.

  • Rearranging your furniture can give your space a whole new look. Would moving your couch open up the living room? How would your bedroom look if your bed was facing a different direction?
  • Try a slipcover on that drab-looking sofa. This is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new sofa and a great way to completely change the effect of the room!
  • Don’t reposition just your furniture. Move around lamps, vases, tables, etc.
  • If you don’t have much to work with, scan second-hand stores for quality pieces.

Add Color, Add Life!

Adding pops of color throughout your apartment will have a big impact without having to break the bank.

  • Hang painted canvases or framed wallpaper.
  • Spray-paint a mirror frame an unexpected hue to jazz up a bland space.
  • Use colored lamp shades to make a bold statement.
  • Display fresh flowers. They’re an inexpensive way to add a pop of color.
  • Add or change color instantly with throw pillows. TIP: Pillow covers are cheaper than replacing entire pillows and they take up a lot less space.

Get Creative: It’s Your Apartment, Show Your Personal Style

  • Make your own art. Paint a picture or take a photo, and then frame it. If you’re not all that artistic, you could frame pressed flowers, a sheet of wrapping paper, or an existing photograph.
  • Decorate a cheap bookcase and use it to store just about anything: shoes, video games, cookbooks, magazines, handbags, etc.
  • Don’t hide away fresh fruit. Instead, put it in an attractive bowl and use it as a centerpiece.
  • Matching sheet sets are boring. Let patterned pillowcases mingle with the striped sheets.
  • Switch out the hardware on dressers, cabinets and night stands.
  • Use pretty little dishes and bowls to store jewelry, paper clips, and keys.

Now that you have some ideas, you’re ready to get started. Feel free to come up with some of your own as you go. Remember, the main goal is to create a space that makes you happy and reflects your style. So have fun decorating!

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