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Have Fun in the Sun and Wear Sunscreen!

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The hot weather is here and so is the blazing sun! Time for fun in the sun. More than just having fun, the sunshine is essential to your overall health. For example, sun exposure helps the body produce essential vitamin D — and everyone needs vitamin D, especially after a long winter.

However, exposure to the sun may cause problematic skin problems such as early-wrinkling and skin cancer. So while getting sunlight is important to your health, having fun in the sun means being skin safe. Wearing sunscreen is a key aspect to staying more safe in the sun, whether your sitting at the Hawthorne Gardens pool or going for a long walk here in the area.

More Reasons to Apply Sunscreen Often:

  • The sun may damage the texture and weaken the elastic attributes of the skin.
  • Sun-induced skin damage may cause wrinkles, furrows, easy bruising, or brown spots.

In the long run, overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays may lead to cancer. But because this skin condition is cumulative, it is never too late to make adjustments to protect one’s self from the sun’s harmful effects.

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