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Great Ways to Declutter: Clothing Swap

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Declutter the clothes in your closet

It’s the struggle we all face – there are way too many clothes in the closet, and we just don’t like most of them anymore. It might sound too good to be true, but you can actually get some new clothes without sacrificing more space in the closet, and without spending money! A good old-fashioned clothing swap with friends is just what you need. Here’s what to do:

Set-up Some Guidelines – Send an invite to a few friends, but make sure to keep the items at the swap party even. You can do this by suggesting to each friend that they bring a certain number of items. This way, you can be sure no one is walking away with more than they provided. All of the clothes must also be in good shape if they come to the swap!

Make it a Game – There’s no reason not to have a little bit of orderly fun at the swap! It’s helpful to set up a lottery to determine the order that participants can pick out clothes. Otherwise, you might have three friends fighting over one pair of shoes that you contributed, which in turn could spoil the whole night!

Organize the Presentation – Designate spaces for the clothing. For example, one table may be used for shoes, a rack for shirts, and all of the pants laid out on a coffee table. This way, everyone can plainly see what Is out there for them to choose from!

Call up some friends today, and treat yourself to a fun night and some new clothes for next season! You can do it all here at Hawthorne Gardens.

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