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DIY Movie Night at Home!

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

women watching a movie and eating popcorn

Looking for a fun event to host at your apartment at Hawthorne Gardens? Gather your friends and/or family and have a DIY at home movie night! It’s fun, easy, and a lot less expensive than a night out at the movie theater!

Here are some ideas for your at home movie night!

  • Serve the usual food items found at the movies – popcorn, candy, soda/water, etc. You can even go all out with a nacho bar!
  • Create the movie theater environment by lowering the lights. What’s great about an at home movie night is that you don’t have to sit in those chairs, you have your couch to get comfy on!
  • Have a “no talking during the movie” rule and stick to it. Before and after is fine, or if everyone agrees you can pause to discuss something. Everyone should refrain from distractions like texting and phone calls in the “theater” area, as well!
  • Make sure you choose a movie everyone can agree on watching!

Movie nights can be just as fun as they can be relaxing! So, when you’re thinking of what to do this weekend, keep these tips in mind and throw your own at home movie night!

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