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3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Apps

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Organized Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps can create more stress than they’re worth sometimes. Many phones come with apps pre-loaded so by the time you add your social channels, personalized messaging apps, games, music, and more, your phone likely looks like a mess! It might seem like a small thing, but keeping your apps strategically organized can make a huge difference:

By “Action”: Think about the purpose for each of your apps, and create folder categories based on this. Messaging and video chatting apps can go into a “talk” folder, music and movies into an “entertainment” folder, photo apps into an “editing” folder, and so forth.

By Frequency: Everyone has their “go-to” apps. Most likely, you have your phone, camera, and main messaging app pinned to the bottom of your screen for easy access. If you listen to music, browse Facebook, and post on Instagram often, consider putting those apps where they’re easy for you to access. For some, that might be placing them around the peripheral of the screen, and for others, it may mean organizing each screen with the apps used most on the first screen.

By Color: Most likely, you are looking for the color of the app icon you’re seeking when flipping through your screens. Sorting your apps by color will make it easier to scan like-colors for the specific icon you’re searching for. For those who enjoy color coding anyway, this is a great way to keep a cohesive organizational system throughout all aspects of your life!

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