Which is Better: Renting from a Property Management Company or Landlord?

Sacha R - Thursday, September 06, 2018
Whether you’re a first-time renter, or you have years of apartment renting experience, it’s important to understand the differences between renting from a property management compared to renting from a landlord. While one may appear to have more perks than others, there are a few aspects to take into consideration. 

Differences Between Property Management Companies and Landlords

It’s important to keep in mind that while a friendly demeanor from a property manager or landlord is important, it should not be the deciding factor when considering where to live. There are many more important aspects to take into consideration while making your final decision. Take into consideration the following:

After Hours: As unfortunate as it is, many of us accidentally lock ourselves out of our apartments. What’s more unfortunate is when it happens at 9pm on Saturday. Property management companies offer emergency maintenance services and a member of the maintenance staff will be able to assist you momentarily. Landlords are less likely to offer you the same service, especially if they handle everything on their own – tenants are likely to run into issues during the landlord’s “down time”. 
Repairs: Issues from water leaks to heating or cooling repairs typically fall on the shoulders of the property management and the maintenance staff. Depending on the landlord, they could be less willing to make repairs when the cost comes from their own pocket.  
Grounds Keeping:  Upstate New York is no stranger when it comes to heavy snow, frequent storms, and snow accumulations beginning at 3am. Keep in mind that many landlords do not include grounds keeping in your rent, but property management companies do. This luxury gives renters the peace of mind knowing that they don’t need to worry about shoveling first thing in the morning in order to make it to work, or in the evening after they arrive home.
Consistency: While it might not sound like a big deal at first, consistency is important. Whether it’s consistencies with the rules, what’s allowed and what isn’t, and consistency with businesslike processes. Some landlords could be swayed to bending the rules for a tenant, which could impact your living situation. For example, if you move into a building under the pretense that they don’t allow dogs then you’re woken up from frequent barking, you might be upset. Consistencies across the board can be expected while working with a property management company. 

Contact Hawthorne Gardens

When you decide to call Hawthorne Gardens your home, you have the comfort of feeling like you’re home but without all of the responsibility and headaches associated with renting from a landlord or being a homeowner. Our community is situated on 6 wooded acres in the Town of Guilderland, offering you the peace and quiet you enjoy while still being close enough to life’s necessities. To take a tour of our apartments, and to learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today! 

10 Items Renters Don’t Have to Worry About at Hawthorne Gardens

Sacha R - Friday, August 24, 2018

There are numerous perks and benefits of being a renter at Hawthorne Gardens, including peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about aspects of home life like a homeowner does. Become the envy of your home-owning friends with these major perks from Hawthorne Gardens. 

1. School Taxes: Homeowners are required to pay school taxes whether or not they have children. Renters, even those with children, are lucky enough to avoid paying this tax.
2. Property Taxes: Yet another cost associated with home-ownership are property taxes, and depending on the area, they can be quite costly. This is an expense incurred by homeowners, and not renters, making it a valuable perk for renters.
3. Maintenance Repairs: While renting, we understand that things do happen, and replacements will need to be made. Renters won’t be responsible for repairs or replacement unless there has been gross neglect. You are responsible, however, for notifying our Maintenance Staff of the repair request.
4. Property Updates: A new roof, window replacement, and exterior updates are all something homeowners face. Residents at Hawthorne Gardens don’t have to worry about these updates!
5. Pest Control: As winter comes to an end; pests begin to appear again in the lawn. They can be quite the nuisance, but, not one that renters need to handle.
6. Pavement Upkeep: Pavement upkeep is another costly expense homeowners are faced with. This is not the case for renters though! Pavement upkeep falls to the responsibility of Hawthorne Gardens!
7. Lawn Maintenance: Spend the warmer months enjoying what you love doing as opposed to yard work. Spring clean-up, planting, and mowing are all part of our maintenance plan.
8. Garbage: While renting, you are responsible for ridding your apartment of garbage and waste. Luckily, you are not responsible for the garbage being hauled away.
9. Snow Removal: The Capital Region is no stranger to snow storms and snow removal. Luckily for you, snow removal is left to us to handle!
10. Flooring: Having new flooring installed can be quite costly for homeowners, making it a wonderful perk for renters. Replacement of flooring, unless there has been gross neglect, is up to Hawthorne Gardens to replace.

Are you ready to make Hawthorne Gardens your new home? Schedule your tour of our gorgeous community today! 

5 Steps to Better Organized Cabinets

Sacha R - Tuesday, August 07, 2018

It may feel like an impossible task, but becoming more organized and creating more storage space in your apartment doesn’t have to be the daunting task we create in our minds. Full disclosure, it isn’t difficult at all, all you need are the best tips to help create the right ideas! 

5 Steps to Better Organized Cabinets

1. Everything has a Place: Open your cabinets and take a step back to truly look at them. Does everything make sense where it’s currently living? Does it flow well with the space? If you’re searching for a utensil while cooking and can’t quickly find it, then it’s time to reorganize so the space works more efficiently.
2. Containers: Store-bought inserts can also help increase the amount of items cabinets can hold, much like cabinet cubbies. Plate racks, Lazy Susans, vertical cookie sheets, and so much more can help hold everything in its rightful place.
3. Tools with a Purpose: Try incorporating purposeful tools into your kitchen. Magnetic spice containers, for example, are a great way to clear up counter space or cabinet space since they can stick to the side of your refrigerator.
4. Out of Sight: Items that you don’t use as frequently, but maybe need easy access to, can be stored in cute bins and baskets on top of cabinets where they are out of the way. If they are items that won’t be used quite as much, consider using a container that has a lid so you can keep the dust out.
5. Cubbies: Cabinet cubbies, rather than open shelving, kind of force your hand and make you keep everything organized. This way you are less likely to have cluttered mess looming behind the cabinet door.

We would love to see how you’ve organized your space, or even if you feel like you need a little help and you’re looking for suggestions! Share photos of your cabinets with us on Facebook (@hawthornegardensapts) and don’t forget to follow our page so you can keep up with everything we share each month.

Have you tried organizing your cabinets and find you’re still struggling to find a place for everything? It’s possible that there simply isn’t enough space in your home. If this sounds like the situation you’re facing, schedule a tour of Hawthorne Gardens! Our community is nestled on six wooded acres in the Town of Guilderland, which creates a quiet and rural-like community. As if that wasn’t enough, we offer multiple floor plans built to fit your needs! 

The Benefits of Renting from Hawthorne Gardens

Sacha R - Wednesday, July 25, 2018
There are many apartment communities that don’t give the residents the feeling of “home”; this is not the case for Hawthorne Gardens. While living in our rural-like community our residents enjoy the abundant amenities available to them – all of which make life much easier and more comfortable. 

Life at Hawthorne Gardens

Hawthorne Gardens offers floor plans which include one, two, and three bedroom layouts with private entrances. Many of our floor plans include a private patio or balcony as well as a gas fireplace! This creates the perfect atmosphere for beginning or ending your day in peace and the comfort of your own home. Residents that are hosting events such as family get-togethers or gatherings for work have the luxury of using the Clubhouse at Hawthorne Gardens. This creates an atmosphere and setting that many people desire. 

Each of our apartments include a full-size washer and dryer so that residents can do their laundry at their leisure and not have to worry about sharing the machines with their neighbors, or having to spend the day at the laundromat. Residents also have exclusive use of state-of-the-art equipment in the Fitness Center which saves them time, as well as money, since they will no longer need a monthly gym membership. Our Fitness Center is also available to residents 24/7 so there’s no need to feel rushed to come home right away and get a good workout in. 

We also pride ourselves with the ability to provide our residents with a friendly management team as well as an experienced maintenance crew. Hawthorne Garden’s maintenance staff is available 24/7 and strives to make your experience with our community as enjoyable as possible. 

To learn more about Hawthorne Gardens, and to schedule a tour, contact us today. When you’re part of our community, you’ll love where you live!

How to Quickly Fill a Blank Wall in Your Apartment

Nancy Smith - Monday, July 09, 2018

When it comes to renting an apartment, decorating your space shouldn’t feel difficult or restricted. If you prefer a minimal design, but still want to cover some of the white space, hanging a tapestry is a quick solution that will give you the design you desire without taking up a lot of your time. 

Hanging Tapestries in Your Home in 3 Ways

The ideal solution for your design needs can be accomplished with a beautiful tapestry in a matter of mere minutes. Not only can they bring a focal point to a room, but they can serve other purposes such as giving additional insulation to a wall, and creating a modern age headboard. Depending on how crafty or DIY-inclined you are, there are a few ways to hang a tapestry without putting too many holes in your walls.

• Use a curtain rod: While leaving minimal damage to your walls, curtain rods are an excellent way to display tapestries. It also gives you a few options, you can either purchase hooks or clamps to hang the piece, or if you know how to sew, you can create an opening for the rod. Curtain rods are also great when it comes to weight distribution so you won’t have to worry about the rod giving into the tapestry’s weight – assuming you buy one that is sturdy enough.
• Use a dowel: Create a pocket in your tapestry for the rod by either sewing or using fusible fabric bonding agent. Once you have the rod threaded through the pocket, attach an eye hook to both ends so that you can secure the yarn, string, or rope you have chosen. This method will allow you to put only one hole in your wall. If your tapestry is heavier, you should choose a substantial hook for the wall.
• Wooden wall mount: If you have the creative ability, or know someone who does, you can cut a piece of wood to size then stain or paint it to coordinate with your overall décor scheme. Once it has dried, you can attach the tapestry to the back of the wood with either a bonding agent or a staple gun. Next you can either attach hooks on either end of the back to secure it to your wall, or use a decorative yarn or rope as suggested in the dowel method. 

Whether it’s a piece you inherited from a grandparent, or a flea market bargain, you can hang it in a way that represents your unique style but in a way that is still renter-friendly. Perhaps it’s the size of your apartment that is the issue and you’ve run out of space to hang your tapestry. Hawthorne Gardens has a variety of floor plans that can suit your needs. From one bedroom options to layouts with a den, you will find a layout that you will want to call your home. Schedule a tour with us today! 

Is Your Linen Closet Harming Your Skin?

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, June 19, 2018
At the end of a long, busy day the last thing we think about is what the cotton sheets and pillowcases on our bed can do to our hair and skin. Many cotton blends we adorn our beds with are equipped with moisture-wicking technology which sounds great, but, sometimes it takes too much moisture that our hair and skin actually benefit from. 

How Cotton Might Hurt You in Your Sleep

While it feels nice against our skin, especially as we head off to dreamland, cotton is not the best material for your sleeping routine. Cotton and cotton blend materials are created to wick moisture away from your body, which makes them ideal for gym apparel or an afternoon spent in the sun. But, when it wicks moisture from your body for a prolonged period of time, such as sleeping, it can cause your hair to become coarse or brittle. It can also cause premature fine lines or even acne. 

If you have experienced any of these issues, it could be worth it to switch your pillowcases and bedsheets with a material, such as satin, that still feels nice against your skin but does not do as much harm. Take some time to go through your linen closet and decide what sets can stay and which should be replaced.  

Contact Hawthorne Gardens

One of the nice things about living at Hawthorne Gardens is the fact that our apartments are equipped with spacious closets so there’s plenty of room for your new sheets and towel sets. Our closets won’t leave you feeling as though your possessions are overcrowded or that you don’t have enough space! To take a tour of our apartments, and to become a resident, contact us today to schedule a tour!

Pool Safety Tips

Nancy Smith - Friday, June 01, 2018

Hawthorne Gardens has a pool area which is exclusive for residents to enjoy throughout the summer months. With that being said, we feel it’s important that our tenants understand the proper ways to keep themselves and their children safe in the pool area. Here are some of our pool safety tips!

Pool Safety Tips

• Have your cell phone with you at the pool in case of an emergency.
• Don’t run or engage in horseplay around the pool.
• Be sure that your children are familiar with basic swimming and water safety tips.
• Keep a close eye on children in the pool area.
• Always swim with a buddy.
• Never push anyone into the pool.

We want our residents to have fun in the sun all summer long and by keeping these tips in mind you’ll be able to do just that!

Contact Hawthorne Gardens

We want you to enjoy our pool this summer too! To do so, take a tour of our apartments and become a resident! In addition to our pool, we have numerous desirable amenities for our residents to enjoy. Some of our amenities include: a full size washer and dryer in each apartment, air conditioning, state-of-the-art fitness center, and so much more! With the combination of our amenities and our convenient location to so many local businesses, you will be calling Hawthorne Gardens ‘home’ before you know it. 

4 Spring Décor Trends to Get On Board with This Year

Nancy Smith - Friday, May 18, 2018

As spring rolls around each year, it’s time to bring life back into our homes and do away with winter items and décor. Whether you find an amazing piece at a thrift store, or you spotted a to-die-for item at a high-end boutique, take the leap and make the change! 

4 Trends to Incorporate This Spring 
1. Accent Pillows: There’s no real reason why we love pillows so much, other than for the simple sake of bring life into our homes, adding texture, creating eye appeal, while also making the space more comfortable. This year’s trend is the silk scarf pillow, which works well for the season since they are as light as they are luxurious. 
2. Metallic Accents: While the use of metallic in a design isn’t something new, it’s certainly becoming trendier this year. The key is to balance the bright, lavish metallic with earthy materials like leather or wood accents. This way your home doesn’t have an overly glam look, unless that’s the style you’re going for – in which case, make it yours and have fun! 
3. Textures: Textural poufs, fabrics, accent rugs, or weathered wood pieces are hitting the shelves and will create a look your friends will envy! Don’t be afraid of a piece with personality, especially if it’s something you can change with the seasons. 
4. Statement Chairs: This isn’t something that is necessarily a spring trend, but, a trend none the less! Adding a statement chair to your living room or office creates eye appeal that we all strive for without over taking the room. Choose wisely with this piece, it’s unlikely that you will change your seating with the seasons and the right piece can last years!      

Whether you’re switching your pillows for the season, or adding pops of metallic to your home, stick with a common theme so it transitions nicely throughout your home. If you bring home a metallic pineapple for the living room, find another size that can be incorporated nicely into your kitchen! 

Contact Hawthorne Gardens
If you’re looking for a new place to call home this spring, contact Hawthorne Gardens and schedule a tour! Our apartments have so many amenities that you’re sure to love including a washer and dryer in each unit, individual garages with an automatic door opener, and spacious closets! 

May Activities in the Albany Area

Nancy Smith - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

If you’re like us, you may have been suffering from Spring Fever, especially towards the end of our winter season when the snow just kept coming. Spring is finally here and there is a lot happening in the Capital Region, we’ve gathered a list of a few events to help get you out of your home this season!

Arts and Culture Events
The King and I at Proctors: From May 1st through May 6th Proctors is proud to have the Lincoln Center Theater production of The King and I. Tickets are on sale at the box office, or on their website!

Night Sky Adventure at miSci: Venture to the miSci (formerly the Schenectady Museum) to learn about the exciting mission to Mars where scientists attempt to learn what is inside the planet without diggings holes! 

A Taste of Albany: A culinary showcase and benefit that allows you to sample food from around the Capital Region. Food tastings, music, and auctions are all set to happen during the event. 

Outdoor Activities
BCAN Walk to End Bladder Cancer: Join the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network’s fundraising and awareness event that aims to increase public awareness about bladder cancer, provide educational and supportive services, while also helping to advance cancer research. 

Spring Flower Walk with Claudia Vispo: Spend a few hours outdoors hiking with your guide Claudia Vispo in search of budding flowers. 

Albany Tulip Fest: An event many Capital Region natives are familiar with that happens each year Mother’s Day weekend. Spend some time enjoying the great outdoors

These are only a few of the activities happening in our area during the month of May! For a complete list of what’s happening and more details for what we’ve listed, visit Perhaps your month is already booked with fun-filled activities and you’re searching for a new place to call home. Contact Hawthorne Gardens to schedule your tour. We offer floor plans that vary from one bedroom to three bedrooms, so we’re sure to have something that will fit your needs!

10 Tips to Keeping Your Home Organized

Nancy Smith - Thursday, April 19, 2018

Having a home that is cluttered and unorganized is a terrible habit that needs to be broken. Some find it easiest to become more organized when they’re doing their spring cleaning since they are already going through their belongings and tossing out unwanted items. But, the organization shouldn’t stop once the spring cleaning is over with; keep up with it with these 10 tips!

10 Ways to Become Better Organized

1. Storage Boxes: Even something so small can have a major impact on your space. Storage boxes, bins, or baskets serve multiple purposes. They create an appealing look for your home while also putting things out of sight. 
2. Furnishings with Doors: If at all possible, decorate your home with door-fronted furniture. Television stands, armoires, cabinets, and so many more pieces of furniture can act as a storage container without creating an eyesore. 
3. Bed Risers: One issue that many renters may face is running out of storage and trying to find a way to create more storage. One way to do so is utilizing bed risers, especially in a child’s room or a guest room. This gives the ability to store items under the bed while still allowing them to be accessible. 
4. Key Hooks: Are you (or someone else in your home) always misplacing your keys? Try a key hook for the entryway! There are many options available now from sleek and modern to options that boast a lot of personality – either way, it will do its job and keep your keys where they belong!
5. Cord Organizers: Whether the cords are under the desk in your office, bunched up with your entertainment center, or next to an end table, they can be quite unsightly! Cord organizers act as cover for your cords, while keeping them organized and out of eyesight. It also helps keep little fingers away too! 
6. Table Skirt: If your end table has a shelf underneath that you use for storage (or even the floor beneath it), topping it with a table skirt brings a cute addition to the room while still keeping the table functional. 
7. Hamper with a Lid: If you keep your clothes hamper out in the open, using one with a lid not only covers all of your dirty clothes but also helps keep your space looking neat and organized.
8. Multi-Tasking Furniture: Furniture that serves multiple purposes is a must for those who require a lot of storage but desire pieces that serve another function. Pieces such as storage ottomans or storage beds are the perfect way to incorporate multiple functions.  
9. Mail or Coupon Box: Many of us are in the habit of tossing mail on the counter with the idea of going through it later, or even the coupons we get while grocery shopping. Rather than leaving it out, purchase a decorative box that can hide it for you until you have time to sort it out.
10. Space Saver Bags: Vacuum-sealed bags give you the opportunity to store more items than usual under your bed or in a closet. This can be beneficial for seasonal items like heavy, bulky, sweaters that typically take up a lot of space. 

These are just 10 of the organization tips we have for you and we hope you find them to help you in your home. Maybe you’ve mastered the necessary organization skills to keep your home neat and tidy and you simply need more space. Hawthorne Gardens is the place for you! We offer a variety of floor plan best suited for you and your needs. From one bedroom to three bedrooms, you’ll be happy to call us home. Schedule a tour today!

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